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    4. 服務熱線:34803787 / 13602496376


      樂朗企業文化 Our Culture


      1,   企業愿景:打造世界五金行業知名品牌。

      Our Vision: Create a world-famous enterprise in hardware industry.

      2,   企業精神:團結共進,熱情積極,坦誠互助,共創輝煌。

      Our Spirit: Teamwork & Unity, Positive enthusiasm, Honest & help each other, Create Glory together.

      3,  企業價值觀:品質為本,服務制勝。

      Our Value: Superior quality builds the foundation; efficient service wins customers’ credit.

      4, 企業經營理念:誠信,優質,共贏。

      Our Faith: Honesty, Superior quality & Win-win strategy.


      Our Responsibility: Make value for customers, seek happiness for employees, and take responsibility for society.


      Our code of conduct: Charity, loyalty, courtesy, wisdom, sincerity, gentle, kindness, respect, frugality, humility, devotion, filial piety, brave, modesty, probity.

      Copyright ? 2018 廣州市樂朗五金有限公司 All Rights Reserved.


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